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Candle and Candle Holders

Candle and Candle Holders stock the largest collection of handmade stone, ceramic, glass and wooden handmade candle holders in the UK. Each candle holder is intricately carved from natural materials such as sandstone, limestone, volcanic rock and solid wood. Our unique candle holders are exclusive to Candle and Candle Holders with original designs, shapes, colours and styles.

From classic natural stone pillar candles, quirky turtle shaped tea light candle holders and elegant curved sets of solid wood tea light candle holders we have a range to suit any taste. Our handmade sandstone and glass aromatherapy burners are perfect for adding a relaxing feel to your home. Water is added to the top of the burner and a few drops of your favourite essential oil can be added to scent your home.

We also stock the famous French ‘Geodesis’ home scents collections which includes ambiance reed diffusers and scented candles which are made from natural oils inspired from around the world, mineral and vegetable waxes which are hand blended to produce a superior candle which burns up to 60 hours.

Perfect as a gift or for your home our tea light candle holders, diffusers, aromatherapy burners and scented candles are beautiful to look at, unique and original.

Hand Crafted Stone Candle Holders and Wood Candle Holders.

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