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Candle Holders

Aesthetically Appealing and Practical Décor For Every Home

Candle HoldersIt may be true that electrification has eliminated the need for candles but they can still be found in just about every home. The light emitted by a candle creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere, while scented candles have become a very popular alternative to commercial air fresheners which have been shown to emit toxic fumes and to pollute the indoor air rather than improving it. In addition, just about all candles look highly decorative and make the home appear more inviting.

Candles have one disadvantage – they are messy if left to stand on their base. Tea candles, on the other hand, do not pose the risk of wax dripping but they are not particularly decorative. However, even the most ordinary tea candles look highly aesthetically appealing if they are burned in a carefully chosen candle holder which has a decorative effect itself.

There are many types of candle holders which can be made from different materials. Which one to choose is of course a matter of your personal taste for beauty and style but there is one type of candle holders which stands out for its unique aesthetic appeal and character – handmade candle holders. Like other handmade items, every handmade candle holder is unique because it is impossible to create two completely identical pieces by hand. But the thing that gives them an additional value is their unique character which simply is not there in mass produced candle holders.

Handmade candle holders are available in just about all possible styles, shapes, designs and colours which makes them very easy to combine with the existing interior décor regardless of its style. You can easily find intrinsically carved candle holders to complement traditional and rustic style as well as contemporary and futuristic designs which blend perfectly with modern style and decoration.

Materials from which candle holders are made vary greatly, while some of the most popular choices include solid wood, natural stone such as limestone and volcanic rock, glass and ceramic. These materials are available in a wealth of colours enabling you to either emphasise the decorative effect of the candle holder or make it appear as an integral part of the interior décor. An excellent example are solid wood candle holders which blend perfectly with wooden furniture and enhance its aesthetic appeal at the same time.

In addition to paying attention to style and design, it is highly important to make sure that the chosen candle holder is safe. The material from which it is made must resist the heat of the candle while burning, while its design must provide stability. Using candle holders to burn candles significantly reduces the risk of fire but it is highly important never to leave the candles burning unattended and place the holder away from flammable objects.

Uniqueness, aesthetic appeal and practical value also makes handmade candle holders a beautiful gift for just about every occasion.

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