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Which Essential Oils Can Be Used With Aromatherapy Burners

Candle HoldersAromatherapy burners are an effective and a healthy way to scent your home. They are used to burn essential oils, liquid aromatic compounds which are derived from plants. In addition to scenting your home, the fragrance which is released by the aromatherapy burner also helps improve the mood and concentration, while some essential oils have been shown to have antiseptic properties and purify the air. These oils are also believed to help fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections although further research is necessary to confirm health benefits of aromatherapy.

With an exception of a few, just about all essential oils can be used with aromatherapy burners. Each of them is associated with unique therapeutic properties and of course, unique fragrance. Which one to choose therefore depends on what you would like to achieve and which fragrances you prefer. For example if you have a respiratory tract infection or sinus problems, you will find relief from burning peppermint or thyme oil. Lavender oil helps alleviate stress and anxiety, chamomile oil is useful for insomnia, etc.

If you simply want to scent your home, you can choose any fragrance you like although it is also important to mention that you can mix them up in the aromatherapy burner. Instead of three to four drops of a single essential oil, you can add four drops of two or even three different fragrances. Be sure, however, to stick to your usual dosage no matter how many essential oils you use because in large amount, the fragrance becomes unpleasantly strong and may cause headache if you are exposed to it for a longer period of time.

In addition to essential oils, it is also possible to find synthetic fragrances that can be used with aromatherapy burners as well. They are considerably less expensive and create a pleasant smell as well. However, they do not have any therapeutic value and just like commercial air fresheners, these fragrances may also contain potentially hazardous chemicals which can irritate the airways, cause headache and even increase the risk of cancer as many popular air fresheners have been shown to contain carcinogens. Not all are dangerous but it is a lot safer to choose essential oils instead although there is some concern about safety of natural fragrances as well.

There has been a lot of debate about pesticide residues in essential oils and their effect on health but it remains uncertain whether they are present in large enough quantities to threaten human health. However, introducing pesticides into your home most certainly cannot be healthy no matter in how small amounts they are present in essential oils because exposure to these harmful chemicals has been scientifically proven to have a devastating effect on human health. Fortunately, it is also possible to find organic essential oils. They are more expensive than non-organic ones but you will not be exposing yourself and your family to any chemical substances.

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